Dance with me.

I hear the rain gently tapping slightly rapping on the window pane.  My pillow is soft. Blankets are warm. I keep my eyes closed just listening to the storm.  I am dreading the day. I know I should pray but what would I say.

As far as I can see I have messed things up pretty bad. My kids are sick. My spouse is mad. I have to go to work and my boss is a jerk.  I turn on my side and look at the clock. Closing my eyes I drift to a dream.

It’s dark all around me but I can still see.  I hear the wind blowing but I can’t feel it. I am standing in a clearing surrounded by thick forest trees. I think to myself there has to be something lighting up this place so I start to look around and the moon is nowhere to be found. Maybe I just missed it when I came in so I turned around.  I almost fell to the ground.

The light was so bright I covered my eyes with my hand. I squinted to try to see who that was looking back at me.  That’s when it happen.

I stepped toward Him.  He took two steps toward me.  I sped up and started to walk faster to Him. Not caring how I looked, where I had been, or what I had done I only wanted Him. He ran to me. Took me in His arms and held me tight.

I heard Him say when I woke up and started my day.

Dance with me. Turn around and find me waiting.  Don’t worry with the formal praying.  Take a step toward me.  I will take two toward you.  Decide that I am what you want and I will be right there with you.




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